About Us

The Two-Year College (English) Association of the Pacific Northwest serves as a professional development organization and conduit to the National TYCA as an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) for those focused on the first two years of the college English experience. Faculty served include those in in Alaska, northern Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, western Wyoming and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, and Alberta.


• Travis Margoni, Chair, tmargoni@yvcc.edu (through Oct. 2018)
• Joy Palmer, Assistant Chair, joypalmer@cwidaho.cc (through Oct. 2018)
• Teresa Thonney, National Representative, tthonney@columbiabasin.edu (through Oct. 2018)
• Julie Swedin, Secretary, jswedin@yvcc.edu (through Oct. 2019)
• Kris Fink, Co-Treasurer, kfink@pcc.edu (through Oct. 2019)
• Patty Wilde, Co-Treasurer, patty.wilde@tricity.wsu.edu (through Oct 2019)
• Laura May, Membership Chair, lmay@yvcc.edu, (through Oct 2019)
• Andrea Ascuena, Publications Editor, andreaascuena@cwidaho.cc (through Oct. 2018)
• Ryan Witt, Assistant Publications Editor, ryanwitt@cwidaho.cc (appointed position through Oct. 2019)
• Jean Mittelstaedt, Web Tender, jean.mittelstaedt@chemeketa.edu (through Oct. 2020)
• Jen Heckler, Member at Large, jheckler@highline.edu (through Oct. 2019)
• Anna Erwert, Member at Large, anna.erwert@pcc.edu (through Oct. 2019)