TYCA National Poetry Month call for poems

Please share this with colleagues near and far.

Friends! Poets! Teachers of English in Two-Year Colleges!
Send us your poetry!
Audio and video renditions only!

Help NCTE and the Two-Year College English Association celebrate National Poetry Month. For the third year running, TYCA ( will be publishing a new original poem each day, all by poets who teach in two-year colleges or those teaching the first two years of English curricula across the nation.

Format Desires: Audio: MP3; Video: Real Audio, MS Movie Maker or similar formats.

Submission Deadline: February 28, 2011

Publication begins on April 1—no fooling!

Published poems will be selected by representatives from the eight regions that make up TYCA National.
Publication preference will be given to National TYCA and NCTE members and regional TYCA members. For information on membership, please visit the TYCA website at or contact your regional representatives.

National Poetry Month Submissions sought

To help us celebrate National Poetry Month, we'd like you to submit either an audio or video version of your original poetry to highlight some of the creative work done by faculty in our nation's two-year colleges. Each of TYCA's eight regions will have at least three poems posted to/published on this year's site. We'll be posting a new poem each day through the month of April in celebration of National Poetry Month at

To have your poem considered for posting/publication, please submit your poem to the reviewer for your region. Information is below. These reviewers will select the poems they find worthy of publication to be published on the TYCA site. Additionally, you must complete and fax a permissions form to TYCA or your poem cannot be published. The form, with submission information, is attached to this email.

Pacific Northwest Regional submissions should go to Jeffrey Klausman at

If you have any questions, please contact Bradley Bleck at and we'll help you out.

Write for Pacific View!

Here we are, once again. Another fabulous conference has come and gone, and we are all looking forward to the newest issue of Pacific View. There are many topics to consider and there is much to share as our conference sessions stimulated conversations about often difficult subjects. We request that all TYCA-PNW members and conference goers submit a paragraph or two, focusing on what they saw as the conference highlights.

If you have colleagues who would like to submit an article, session highlight, or something they think regional two-year college faculty, or graduate students should be aware of, please forward our submission guidelines: Submit an attached 200-500 word Word document to Lori Monnastes, lorimATspokanefallsDOTedu or Laura Read, laurarATspokanefallsDOTedu. The deadline is November 26th.

blogging the conference

I'll be blogging the conference, so head over to my blog at if you want to read about what I'm taking in.


Hello out there,

We're working on developing a mentoring program for all new full-time faculty here at the college, and I am hoping that someone in the wilderness might be able to provide some suggestions or even examples of successful models at their own college. Thanks!


Best Practices and PT Faculty

Hey folks,

So, we're starting a new project here to further integrate our part-time faculty by putting together some sort of manual/web page/etc to convey what we see as the best way to teach composition. Of course, most colleges deal with the same dilemma of a consistently rotating part-time faculty, so I want to know how y'all handle getting all those contingent folks on the same pedagogical page. Do you even worry about it? Have meetings? Private mentoring? What?


Blogging the 4C's!

For anyone interested, I'll be blogging the sessions I attend while in NY at the Conference on College Composition and Communication. You can read them here: I'd be happy to field any questions folks have, along with appreciating any comments you have if you're here. If you are here, email me at bradbATspokanefallsDOTedu and maybe we can hook up! If there are sessions you've heard about pertinent to community college's and you'd like a report, let me know and I'll try to get there.

Diversity issues in first year writing courses

Will Banks (East Carolina U), Martha Marinara (U of Central Florida), Samantha Blackmon (Purdue), and Jonathan Alexander (U of Cincinnati) would like to invite you to participate in a quick survey related to issues of diversity in first-year writing classrooms and programs.

While investigations into cultural and ethnic diversity continue to transform teaching practices in college writing courses, there remains a significant gap in our knowledge about whether or not lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender (LGBT) topics, concerns, or issues have become part of college curricula. Although a few scholar-teachers have told stories of their personal experiences of integrating LGBT content into classes, there has been no systematic, large-scale inquiry into the representation of LGBT topics, concerns, or issues in first-year writing classes. To gain insight into what kinds of exposure, if any, students in their first year of college have to LGBT issues and concerns, we are asking you to take 10 – 15 minutes to respond to the following survey:

Work - Life Balance

Hey folks,

I've recently undertaken a new job coordinating our teacher's learning center (TLC) here at PCC. It's a very exciting job with lots of possibilities, and I'm happy to have it. However, I have found that everyone has an idea for the TLC coordinator, and that, for some reason, my knowledge about teaching and the faculty is in high demand for almost every committee that is formed on campus.

So, I've been feeling the pinch lately and that brings me to the subject here. I know it's one that faculty struggle with, so I'm looking for tips, tools, and techniques that might help us all to better manage the multiple demands on our life.


Seeking a handbook for GTA's who will be teaching Business Writing

Does anyone know of a handbook for GTA's who will be starting to teach business writing? I have one for teaching composition, but cannot find one that addresses issues that are particular to the teaching of business writing. I would love to hear from folks.

Please email me at:

sara jameson


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