TYCA-Pacific Northwest

Welcome! TYCA-Pacific Northwest is part of the College Section of the National Council of Teachers of English. We remain committed to our original purposes:

  • to provide professional activities for teachers in two-year colleges of the Pacific Northwest region;
  • to sponsor an annual conference on the teaching of English in two-year colleges in the region;
  • to encourage research, study and writing by teachers in two-year colleges (see links at our resources page);
  • to recognize excellence in teaching, we invite nominations for the Lisa Ede Teaching Excellence Award; two faculty, one full-time and one adjunct, may receive this award each year, which includes a cash grant of $500.

As the fastest-growing of the seven regions of the TYCA, we welcome your interest and invite your membership in the organization.

Dodie Forrest and Cheryl Siemers
Chairs, Regional Executive Committee

To see the job descriptions for each position, click on the highlighted position title.

Permanent Positions:

Chairs: Dodie Forrest, Chair, 509-574-4822, Yakima Valley Community College, Yakima, Washington October 2010-October 2013 and Cheryl Siemers, Assistant Chair, 907-262-0364, Kenai Peninsula College  October 2012-October 2015

Membership Chair : Lisa Freeman, Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane, Washington  October 2010-October 2013

National Representative : Alexis Nelson, 509-533-3588, Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane, Washington  October 2012-October 2015

Publications Co-Editors: Siskanna Naynaha, 541-463-3388, Lane Community College, Eugene, Oregon and Jeannie Isern, 509-533-8142, Spokane Community College, Spokane, Washington October 2012-October 2015  

Secretary  Joy Barber, 406-247-3075, City College at MSU Billings, Billings, Montana  October 2012-October 2015

TreasurerBetsy Lawrence, Spokane Community College, Spokane, Washington October 2010-October 2013


Barbara Simmons, 509-533-8103, Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane, Washington October 2010-October 2013

Vacant, October 2012 - October 2015

One-Year Positions:

2013 TYCA Conference Organizers
Amanda Hill, Program Co-Chair and Local Arrangements Chair, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, Washington and Gretchen Coulter, Program Co-Chair, (360) 383-3574, Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, Washington.

We would like to recognize the valuable colleagues who are hosting the 2013 joint conference between TYCA-PNW and PNWCA at Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, Washington.

Thank you, Gretchen, Amanda, and Prairie!