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Pacific View Summer 2016

Call for Pacific View Submissions

Submissions for the following sections will be considered for issues:

  • Practical Matters, which gives specific classroom activities
  • Student Talk, providing a student’s perspective on learning
  • Professional Development, ideas on developing self and/or others (new section)
  • Intersections, addressing thoughts on theory and/or philosophy of teaching (formerly Guest Spotlight)
  • Creative Outlet, a spot where colleagues can exhibit their creative side (replacing Poetry to include a broader spectrum of the cool things we do)

Submissions can be short or long (but not like dissertation long) and sent electronically to in an attached document form (preferably Word). Be sure to include your school affiliation along with your name, address, phone, and email.

Because of the variety of genres, we will accept an abstract or full piece for review. Abstracts are not required, particularly for smaller pieces.

Ryan Witt and Andrea Ascuena
Pacific View Co-Editors
College of Western Idaho